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Fund Honor Roll

Portfolio Grading is here!

Registration is free! Register now to begin building and tracking your own portfolios using the funds on our site. Our Portfolio Report Card tells you how your portfolio measures up according to our five grading criteria - Does your portfolio make the grade?

Why is our fund grading method so important to you?

FUNDGRA+DES® is the easiest way to get one of the most sophisticated, objective, and stringent evaluations of mutual funds, closed end and exchange traded funds.

  • Have you ever purchased a “top rated” fund only to be disappointed in the results?
  • Are you aware of hidden risks other rating systems simply do not expose?
  • Have you ever felt like you were "being sold" on a fund?


Even the best honor roll student misses an answer or two on a test once in a while. When grading a student, this exposes what the student hadn't learned. In FUNDGRA+DES®, it shows you what YOU NEED TO LEARN about the funds or ETFs (referred to generically as "fund" or "funds" throughout this website) you are considering purchasing, or selling.

Every month, our database of over 22,000 mutual funds and ETFs is graded on an A+ through F scale for five criteria designed by ERISA fiduciaries to expose what anyone investing for retirement SHOULD LEARN before buying or selling ANY fund. These five separately graded categories - diversification, expense, risk, return and the risk of material underperformance - are combined into an equally weighted overall grade.

Usually less than 1% of all funds receive an overall grade of A or A-. Honor Roll funds (graded B or better) normally make up less than 4-5% of all funds. Shouldn't you know what your funds grades are? Search for them above, or use our advanced search to screen for funds that may have the characteristics you are seeking.

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